Storied Environment

In Kimmerer’s article, Kimmerer demonstrates an attachment to nature.  When she moved down South for her husband’s job, she had to immediately reconnect with the new local flora and environment.  In my lifetime, I cannot say that I have ever felt as connected to Nature as Kimmerer does in her story with her pre-med students.  When I think of an environmental story, all that comes to mind is the story that the environment itself tells.  That is to say that it was once much different than today.  Our buildings and roads used to be trees and prairie.  It is hard to look at the current state of the environment, and think of it in the same light as Kimmerer.  For her, the environment is beautiful, and no doubt it is.  But the natural environment we experience today, as beautiful as it may be, is but a fraction of what it once was.  It is just hard to look at it, or experience in the same way Kimmerer does, without wondering what we might have had to give up to preserve more of it, or how different the world would be today had we worked all along to protect it.  That is why environmental education is of paramount importance today.  It is not only important to understand the environment, but also the impact that humans have had on it.  That way, students can make conscious decisions about how they want to treat the world around them.  And maybe, unlike my sketch, the environment does not need to be seen in black and white, or as living and ravished.  Maybe environmental education can lead to humans discovering methods that can both conserve the environment, but also maintain a standard of living that many North Americans have become accustomed to.


2 thoughts on “Storied Environment

  1. Claire Tochor January 17, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    I agree with you in the sense that the environment tells a story in itself. I also agree that humans should use the environment more, it is becoming more and more common for adults to pull their children from normal school and enrol them in a environment school. People are able to learn the same aspects of life by just learning outside. It is very interesting to think about what the environment may have been if the generations before us were more cautious or even if the generations today were more cautious. I really enjoyed looking at your art piece it made me think about how the land we live on today has evolved over the many years of human population inhabiting it. What could be the benefits or burdens of teaching our children outside rather then in the classroom setting?


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