Start of Something New?

Hello everyone!

As some, or most of you should know from our zoom conferences, my name is Daniel “Danny” St-Jacques.  Although, I tend to introduce myself as Daniel at first, I do prefer for people to call me Danny.  I just feel more like a Danny for some reason.  I currently live in Moose Jaw, with my mother, father, sisters, and animals.  By animals, I mean 2 dogs and 3 cats.  You might say we have a pretty full house.

Educational technology has been a struggle for me.  Not because of a lack of ‘tech skills’, but because it is something I have never really used before.  In fact, like many people, I have been using computers since the age of 4-5.  Okay, maybe not many people from my generation, however I have heard that some children of the younger generation have already mastered navigation of their parents’ devices.  That being said, it is evident to myself that I will need to step up my game, and knowledge, in order to use technology in the classroom in a meaningful way for these students.  Otherwise, engagement might just drop because they will all know everything I am going to teach them.  Which is problematic in its own way.

When it comes to blogging, and any online posts, I have always been reluctant.  People who speak to me for periods of time know that I can be very opinionated.  And having an opinion on the Internet can be highly problematic when others don’t share the opinion.  And personally speaking, I do not enjoy conflict, and will avoid involving myself in it when possible.  In this case, my best bet has always been to keep my mouth shut.  Or my fingers off the keyboard I suppose.

Despite my reluctance to post anything online, I have opted to dive into this class in full.  I feel like for me to learn or take away anything from this class, I need to fully  jump into the material.  As such, my twitter will serve as a method of getting out what I am doing, and hopefully become second nature to my career as an educator.


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