Cyber Sleuth: Teacher and???

Hey all!

So as part of my EDTC 300 class, I decided to cyber sleuth myself.  What this meant for me was to search my name in a few different places to see what turned up, and who turned up.  My findings on myself were not at all surprising, as I have already taken precautions to lead a slightly more private online life, but here is what I found.

As I suspected, a google search did not turn up any results for my facebook account.  In fact, it didn’t even make the first page.  This is for two reasons: one is that I have changed my Facebook name to a nickname followed by my middle name, and there are quite a few Daniel St-Jacques.  It turns out my name is not all that uncommon.  Which lead me to a concern: who am I sharing a name with?  Well, for all the results from Facebook, the accounts were private.  This means that I, and anyone else who is not their friend, cannot see much information about them.  Which is a good thing, as no one can mistake me as being less than professional by my Facebook profile.  Below is a picture of my google search, as well as my Facebook findings. 

As you may be able to see, the only thing on the front page of google that is me is a picture from my Twitter account, a social media account I use strictly for professional relations as a teacher.  Below the images, is a link to my Twitter page, @DannyStJacques, which has a professional presentation, as it is used for just that.

That being said, in connection to the following article, I look at my online self, and see multiple different personas.  My Facebook and Snapchat are way I interact with friends and family, in a more laidback fashion.  They are harder to find, although I don’t really have anything to hide on either of them.  In fact, part of my beliefs is that “if I wouldn’t want certain people to see this, just don’t do it.”  In today’s age, you never know where cameras hide, and how easily something seemingly harmless can tarnish your reputation permanently.  Even if it’s something I wouldn’t plan on putting on the Internet, I don’t know what others will do, or if they will post something of me doing something stupid for lack of a better word.  For me, it’s always safer to stray on the safe side of things, and just not do anything I wouldn’t want the entire world to see.

In addition to my personal accounts, I have a professional Twitter account as mentioned above.  This was meant entirely to connect with other members in my professional learning community, and everything that goes on there is just that.

Finally, I also have an anonymous Instagram account that I have only shared with a few friends.  This account was created simply to post my poetry, and appeal to an audience that would be interested by it.  And as I can make multiple posts in a brief period of time, I didn’t want to annoy family and friends.

For me, the following sentence from the aforementioned article really sums up my online presence perfectly. “To have us each be confined to just a single account, or a single all-in-one persona, is confining.”  I am many different people in different situations.  To some, I am a friend or family member.  To others, I am a teacher, and professional of the world with a heavy interest in social justice.  Others may even see me as a poet.  Not everyone knows every aspect of my being, and I think that’s the way it should be.


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