#knitterintraining : Progress

Hey all!
Over the last few days, I have been doing a lot of work to improve my stitches.  In my last post, I was making a lot of mistakes.  Sometimes, I would pick up an extra stitch, and others I would lose a stitch.  At one point, I somehow lost 3 stitches in one row – I am not entirely sure how I managed that, but I definitely felt a need for improvement.

Alas! Improve is what I did.  Although my stitches are from perfect, progress is being made, and it’s been an exciting process.  The picture below shows my most recent work.


As you can see, I have decided to keep going despite making mistakes.  What I have found is I am becoming far more consistent with my stitches, and my persistence is paying off.  I do not have to constantly start over, which is what I did for my last post.  However, there are still some instances where I make mistakes, and it is hard not to get down on myself.  For instance, on the work in the bottom part of the picture, there is a hole which can’t be seen.  This hole was because somehow, I missed a stitch.  Ultimately, I suppose that is the point of learning something new.  It reminds me of a saying, which went something along the lines of : you will always fail more than you succeed.  But, the more you fail, the greater the success will be.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact quote, and the above is a rough paraphrase, but I am beginning to experience what it means.  In the first stitches of my knitting journey, I was extremely frustrated.  It made no sense to me, and it was frustration after frustration.  Now, as I move forward, I am finding I am improving, and my success, although fewer than my failures, are all that much sweeter.

In the next few days, I intend on knitting a scarf.  This will be my final project in the realm of knitting for now.  I am not sure how it will turn out, however I look forward to the challenge of learning to fix my mistakes, and making sure my stitches are more consistent.

(As a reminder, this is the video I have been following to learn how to knit)


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